Company Culture

Company culture:humanization,credibility and innovation

Sunkaier always put people first.We create an environment of respecting,trusting,caring and understanding for our employees.By building a first-class working environment and create a happy living and a good learning environment, attracting a large number of excellent talents from all over the country.The company's professional and technical personnel,who are graduates, account for 60% of the total employees, 95% have bachelor degree or above in management.

Sunkaier take the good faith as the most important wealth.Strengthening the product quality and raising the level of service is an important content of credit enterprise. Therefore, all the employees can blurt out the belief of respecting customer,treating honestly,and contributing to society easily.

In Sunkaier, there is a slogan that innovation is our most important product! Because of the magic weapon, our market sense of smell is always faster than others, easily capturing the most potential market.And continuously introduce new technology, new products, new projects, the maximum to meet market needs.