SK5000 Horizontal Blender

Horizontal Mixer for Solids

1 Versatile process equipment for products with widely varying physical properties
2 Highly effective paddle agitator for minimum blend times and high degrees of homogeneity
3 Close clearances between agitator and vessel wall prevent product building up and reducing heat transfer
4 Standardized agitator drives ensure reliable operation and low maintenance costs
5 Appropriate shaft seal systems for every application. Installing the shaft seal away from the product
6 Large heat transfer surfaces provided by vessel geometry, as option also by agitator, making high evaporation rates possible
7 Various processes (blending, drying, reactions) can be carried out in one equipment item
8 Product fines are separated from the offgas in the vacuum dust filter. SUNKAIER offers bag filters with coated surfaces or metallic filter cartridges. The fines drop back into the vessel when the filter cake is loosened
9 Chopper tools prevent lumps forming
10 SUNKAIER offers package drying systems complete with heater, solvent recovery unit and control system, all from a single source