SK090 Light duty mixer

SK090 light duty mixer,uses the planetary reduction mechanism, structure of gathering together, high bearing capacity, motor power ranges from 0.25 to 2.2 KW. SK090 is a specially designed economical portable and fixed mount mixer applicable for light duty mixing requirements. For SK090 is easy to configure a clamp-on, open tank or sealed mixer design, plus this mixer can be quickly converted from one mounting arrangement to another.
•  Highest quality at a competitive price.
•  For tank sizes: 0.1 - 20 m3 (25 - 5,000 gal.)
•  Designed for OEM Systems Suppliers and end users in general chemical industries.
•  Wide range of impellers and mounting options.
•  Planetary gear,light weight,compact size,high load capacity;
•  Added lubricating grease for prolong the service life;
•  Equipped bearing inside are suitable for high-speed operation;
•  Varies seals optional:mechanical seal,packing,lip seal;
•  Modular design,cost-effective,highlighting the economic benefits.
Modular Design Concept
•  Light weight aluminum,steel or stainless steel structure;
•  Motor,0.37 to 2.2KW(1/2-3HP)
•  Offers a full range of shaft speed 10-3000rpm;
•  Dust and moisture-resistant(IP55/IP65) of the variable-frequency motor;
•  Simple,compact design;
•  Alternative food-grade lubrications;
•  Standardized products;
•  Shaft length be up to 2100mm;
•  Cost-effective;
•  Equipped with high performance mixing impeller.