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Agitator For Mixing

SUNKAIER mixing equipment division have experienced experts and engineers to develop suitable mixing technology for specific applications.

Mixing operation process is one of the most common operations in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Its purpose is to make two or more media can achieve the maximum degree of contact, so as to complete the required mixing, mass transfer, heat transfer or reaction process in a predetermined time. The basic function of stirring process is mixing. Whether it is the stirring mechanism, the concrete structure design of agitator and the calculation of stirring power are closely related to the properties of the medium involved in the stirring process. Therefore, in engineering design, stirring types can be basically divided into four categories: homogeneous liquid-liquid mixing, heterogeneous liquid-liquid dispersion, gas-liquid dispersion and mixing, and solid-liquid suspension mixing.

SUNKAIER mixing equipment division delivers full line to service different industries including:

Mixing Agitators 
Light Duty Agitator SK100Static Mixer
Mid Duty Agitator SK400Inline Mixer
Reactor Agitator SK500High Shear Agitator
Magnetic Agitator SK1000Pharma Agitator
Side-Entry Agitator SK800Cosmetic Agitator
Bottom Entry AgitatorChemical Agitator
Top Entry AgitatorPolymer Agitator
Vertical AgitatorPetrochemical Agitator
Coaxial Agitator SK700Biofuel Agitator

Coating Agitator

SUNKAIER mixing equipment include: impeller selection, chemical design, detailed mechanical design, economic analysis optimization and mechanical drawing, etc. System covers the entire range of design almost all the functions of mixing system design, from the Newton fluid to non-newtonian fluid, from low to high viscosity, from ordinary propeller type to the special propeller type, from the miscibility fluid blender to gas liquid solid three phase system, including homogeneous liquid mixing, heterogeneous liquid-liquid dispersion, solid-liquid suspension, gas-liquid dispersion, strengthening heat transfer, strengthening mass transfer, reaction, etc. Can be used in chemical, paper, food, petroleum, medicine and other industries.

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