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Chemical Processing Machines For Biotechnology

For example, the increase of volatility and viscosity leads to the increase of production difficulty, SUNKAIER can also provide accurate and effective solutions.  In particular, the SUNKAIER Continuous Kneader Reactor is designed to address the numerous challenges of biodegradable polymer processing, including:

  • A large heat transfer area facilitates accurate and uniform temperature control.

  • Ideal machining temperature control is achieved by the unique rotor geometry and the high efficiency shear level given by other process parameters.

  • Maximize self-cleaning, thereby eliminating dead ends and product buildup.

  • The adiabatic and vacuumable nature of the mixing process doesn't introduce any extra energy into the polymer.

  • Engineering scale-up from experimental to industrial installations is reliable and low-risk.

SUNKAIER provides a holistic solution for biodegradable polymer production, where typical materials are used as follows:

  • Poly (lactic acid), poly (amino acid) and other lactone ring-opening polymers, such as:

    Polylactic Acid (PLA), Polyglycolide (PGA) and Polycaprolactone (PCL)

  • Polyp-dioxane and its copolymers, such as:

    Polyp-Dioxane (PPDO)

  • Novel biodegradable polymers

  • Other aliphatic polyesters and carbon dioxide-based biodegradable polymers such as:

    Polybutanediol Succinate (PBS)

  • Temperature-sensitive biodegradable hydrogel