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Chemical Processing Machines For The Fiber Industry

Generally, polymer compounds are made into solution or melt, and then pressed out from the fine hole of the spinneret head, which becomes fiber. The main process task in the fiber industry is to dissolve raw materials uniformly in solvents to produce spinning solutions with high viscosity, no defects and almost no bubbles. 

Benefits of SUNKAIER Chemical Processing Machines in Fiber Industry

Several obvious advantages of SUNKAIER Mixer/Kneader in Fiber Industry are:

  • Handle diversification in one unit

  • High interface update rate ensures efficient mass transfer

  • The efficient combination of static and dynamic elements in the process room results in a high degree of shear homogenization

  • High energy flux and close control of product temperature

  • Mass production capacity of a single unit

  • The enclosed, enclosed design ensures low operational risk when handling hazardous materials

  • The axial conveying speed of the product is independent of the agitator speed

  • Wide retention time range (10 minutes to several hours)

  • Large area volume ratio