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Continuous Crystallisation Process

Crystallization technology can be used in seawater desalination, chemical industry, salt making, oil field, biofuel, chemical industry, power generation, papermaking, chlor alkali, metal mining and other industries. Crystallization is an indispensable and important step in most chemical production processes. The quality of crystalline products such as purity and particle size distribution directly affects the difficulty of subsequent operations including separation and purification, and plays a vital role in the final product benefits. At present, the commonly used crystallization mode in industry is batch crystallization, but because the batch crystallization production mode is difficult to control the consistency of products and the time cost is too high, continuous crystallization has gradually become a new development crystallization mode. SUNKAIER continuous crystallization process can combine evaporation, crystallization and drying, and can be realized by uniaxial kneading reactor under vacuum operation conditions. The solvent in the feed flashes in the process space. As the solution enters the supersaturated state, the product material begins to crystallize.

Advantages of SUNKAIER industrial crystallization processes:

  • There is a thermal balance between the condensation heat of crystallization, so the process system can save the consumption of heat source.

  • SUNKAIER has both grinding and drying technology, which can avoid the accumulation of materials into shells.

  • Materials do not need to be recycled in the process space, which has high production efficiency.

  • The large heat exchange area effectively ensures that the temperature is accurately controlled in the whole process.