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Chemical Processing Machines For Petrochemical Industry

The process equipment is mainly divided into two directions: the first part is chemical machinery, among which SUNKAIER involves dynamic machinery such as Agitator, Kneader, Dryer and Fluid Conveying Machinery. The second part is chemical equipment, refers to the main components are static or only a little movement of machinery, SUNKAIER involves a variety of vessels such as Tank, High Pressure Vessel, Reaction Towers and other reactors, Heat Exchanger, Evaporator, Electrolytic Tanks, Crystallizer, etc. 

Petrochemical industry involves a huge range of applications extremely wide. Typical applications of SUNKAIER equipment in the petrochemical industry:

  • It mainly includes all kinds of fuel oil (gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, etc.) and lubricating oil, liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum coke, paraffin, asphalt, etc.

  • Ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene, toluene, xylene as the representative of the basic chemical raw materials.

  • Organic chemical raw materials (about 200 kinds) and synthetic materials (polymer, plastic, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber).

  • Ammonia, urea and other synthetic raw materials