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Agitator Impeller

Liquid in the stirred tank of special chemical industry flows in three dimensions, which can be decomposed into axial flow, radial flow and circumferential flow (or tangential flow) according to the cylindrical coordinate system.

In the turbulent state, the agitator impeller produces not only circumferential flow, but also a lot of axial flow, which is a typical axial flow impeller. In addition to the circumferential flow generated by the liquid rotating with the impeller, the centrifugal force of the impeller also causes the liquid to shoot out along the blade to the groove wall, which forms a strong radial flow. Therefore, these impellers are called radial flow impellers. Compared with straight-bladed disk turbines, bent-bladed turbines have more axial flow components, so they are often used in situations where more axial flow is needed.

The screw belt impeller and screw impeller make the high viscosity liquid flow axially; The anchor impeller mainly produces circumferential flow of liquid.

CFD simulation has been able to obtain the details of the internal flow field of turbomachinery within the range of engineering accuracy, and can also truly reflect the complex internal flow phenomena, and even can predict new phenomena that have not been found in theoretical analysis and experimental research. SUNKAIER prototype performance test with CFD method by computer, and can well in drawing design stage, to predict fluid mechanical performance and internal flow vortex, secondary flow, boundary layer separation, drafting, as well as the blade flutter phenomenon, striving to fault hidden trouble may occur in the design stage, to a certain extent, to replace the test, in order to reduce the cost and shorten the development cycle. SUNKAIER adopts CFD simulation technology to better design the impeller, so the maximum fluid requirements are met. The main recommended SUNKAIER impeller is as follows:

R763 Gas Dispersion Impellers utilize a unique blade design that pushes a greater amount of fluid volume, reducing system drag and making power draws more consistent.


Features of Agitator Impeller

R800 Series Retreat Curve Impellers are excellent uniformity of dispersion in the tank and fluidization of material in solid-liquid mixing and slurry mixing under low-revolution and low dynamic power conditions. Their proximity to the tank bottom makes them less susceptible to liquid surface fluctuation and ensures particle uniformity. Shearing force control is achieved by controlling pressure fields, such as the combination of the impellers and static blades. The unique profile is the result of research into pressure distribution in the tank serving as a agitator. It enables a large circulation flow pattern and an extremely high discharge capability that cannot be expected even from large and wide blades. At the same time, the power requirement is low.

Features of Agitator Impeller

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agitator impeller
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