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Ammonium Production Plant

  • The research and application of green ammonia technology have made great progress. This technology development includes advanced ammonia synthesis process and catalyst coupling green hydrogen, new low temperature and low-pressure ammonia synthesis process and catalyst, cutting-edge ammonia synthesis process (photocatalysis, electrochemical, plasma, chemical chain process), etc.

  • SUNKAIER adopts green ammonia skid-mounted device. This skid-mounted design greatly saves the cost of transportation, installation and commissioning time. The setting of intensive device reduces the demand for floor space and reduces the cost of manpower and material resources. This design also reduces the frequency of personnel flow and contact, which greatly protects the safety of the construction personnel.


Typical Applications of SUNKAIER Green Ammonia Device

In steel, chlor-alkali, cement and other industries have excess rich hydrogen, coke oven gas exhaust hydrogen comprehensive utilization and the use of ammonia desulfurization, denitration, carbon dioxide and so on can be used.

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