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Biofuel Agitator

At present, the grain deep processing industry has also become a biochemical industry. Involves products are amino acids, lysine, threonine, tryptophan, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, enzymes, starch, starch sugar, polyol, yeast, etc., involves mainly include: the blender fermentation tank agitator, seed tank agitator crystal regulating tank, mixing tank agitator, blender, and many other units, agitator are widely used in fermentation industry.


Type of Anaerobic Digester Agitator

I. Fermenter Agitator

The special agitator of axial and radial phase flow combination is adopted, which not only ensures good shear dissolved oxygen capacity, but also improves the overall mixing effect, reduces energy consumption and improves efficiency.

Common Agitation Type: CBY, KCX, KSX, BTD, HDY, JDY. The following is the general combination type, for reference only:

1. Top layer defoaming paddle (XPJ), control foam increase, eliminate bubbles;

2. The second, third and fourth layers adopt four wide blade agitator (KSX), axial flow agitator with high turbulent diffusion capacity and low shear capacity;

3. Bottom disc open turbine type agitator (BTD), runoff type agitator, strong radial discharge performance and shear dispersion performance, can effectively enhance the air holding capacity of blades. Increase the effective contact of bubble medium, especially suitable for oxygen consumption operation of fermentation process.

II. Extraction Pot Agitator

Function: Special agitator for fast mixing, greatly improve mixing effect and speed up reaction speed

Common Agitation Type: CBY-II, FJ, HJ, XJ, YCK, XCK, etc. The combination type is generally 1~3 layers of blades

III. Mixing Device for Batching Tank

Function: The special agitator for solid-liquid mixing prevents the bottom of the tank from settling and makes the material evenly suspended.

Common Agitation Type: CBY-II, FJ, HJ, XJ, YCK, XCK, etc. The combination form is generally 1~3 layers of blades (according to the actual situation to determine).

IV. Crystal Pot Agitator

Function: The special agitator with low rotation speed and large diameter is adopted to reduce the damage of crystal caused by shear, prevent crystal deposition and promote uniform crystallization. Sometimes the agitator adopts the upward type.

Common Agitator Forms: CBY, HJ, YCK, XCK, KS

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