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bottom entry agitator

Bottom Entry Agitator

Axial-flow impeller and radial-flow impeller can be designed according to the sanitary grade.


Feature of Bottom Entry Agitator

  • Impeller Height Can Be Adjusted

Bottom entry agitator equipped with height adjustment device in order to better adapt to the mixing conditions.

  • Flange Installation

Easy installation and seal.

  • Mechanical Seal

Specifically designed seal for bottom-entry agitator, excellent sealing effect.

  • Clamp Coupling

Mechanical seal replacement need not remove gear motor.

  • Dry-well Gearbox

Our agitator with SUNKAIER dry well leak-proof gearbox with hard surface gears, more transmission torque, less maintenance, longer service life.

  • Belt Driven Mechanism

Adopted belt driven mechanism between motor and gearbox, it can avoid be damaged in the overload mixing or abnormal circumstances.

Feature of Bottom Entry Agitator

Bottom Entry Agitator Gallery

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bottom entry agitator
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