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Chemical Agitator

Paddle agitators, propulsion agitators, turbine agitators and anchor agitators are widely used in stirring and reaction equipment, accounting for about 75 ~ 80% of the total number of agitators according to statistics.


Chemical Agitator Applications

  • Paddle agitator, also called chemical mixers agitator, is suitable for liquid materials with large fluidity and small viscosity, and also suitable for fibrous and crystalline dissolved liquid. When the material layer is deep, several rows of blades can be installed on the shaft. The fold-blade type has less power consumption and lower operating cost than the flat-blade type, so the fold-blade blade is used more.

  • Paddle agitators should not be used in gas-liquid dispersion operations for gas retention and for the purpose of finalization, including agitator in chemical industry.

  • The rotational speed of paddle agitator is generally 20 ~ 100 R/MIN.

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