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SUNKAIER is a professional chemical reactors manufacturer, having vast applications, including: 

  • Hydrogenation Reactor,

  • ASME Pressure Vessel,

  • High Pressure Vessel, Hydrogen Cracking,

  • Methanol Reactor,

  • Isothermal Reactor,

  • Horizontal Reactors,

  • Vertical Reactor,

  • Pharma Reactor,

  • Oil Refinery Reactor,

  • Petrochemical Reactor,

  • Polymer Reactor.

Types Of Chemical Reactors For Sale

Chemical reactors are essential tools in the chemical industry used for manufacturing a wide range of chemicals and compounds. Each reactor type is best suited for specific chemical reactions and processes and are available in a range of sizes and specifications. As a professional chemical reactors manufacturer, we offer a variety of chemical reactors for sale to meet the needs of different industries, including pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food processing, and more.


SUNKAIER has been providing top-notch reactors in the chemical industry, making them one of the leading chemical reactor manufacturers globally. We specialize in providing high pressure reactor that is designed to facilitate various chemical processes. Our reactors (-0.1~100 Mpa) are made to ensure efficient and effective reactions while meeting the highest safety standards.

One of our most notable features is the magnetic seal reactor. This reactor is a game-changer as it is built to eliminate any possibility of leaks during the reaction process. The innovative magnetic seal technology utilized in this reactor brings about complete static sealing, a feat that is yet to be accomplished by other chemical reactors.

The design of the reactors offered by SUNKAIER aims to enhance usability and improve reaction efficiency by ensuring the reactor's ease of operation while still adhering to all safety standards. Our chemical reactors design is carefully crafted to cater to the specific needs of their clients, especially in the polymer industry and high viscosity material.



Chemical reactors have many applications in the chemical industry, enabling the production of a wide range of chemical compounds. Industrial reactors are used in many different sectors, including pharmaceuticals, plastics, food additives, and fertilizers. Reactors in chemical engineering are designed to control various parameters, including temperature, pressure, and reactant concentrations, to promote chemical reactions and ensure they proceed at specific rates.

Industrial reactors have become an essential part of the chemical industry, enabling the scalable production of chemicals at a cost-effective rate. Reactors in chemical engineering are designed for different operation modes such as batch, semi-batch, continuous operation, to suit the wide variety of chemical processes required for the production of chemicals. One of the most common types of reactor used in chemical industry is the stirred-tank reactor, which is versatile and can be used for many different chemical reactions.

Chemical engineers use their expertise to design and optimize chemical reactors for various chemical processes. They must understand the thermodynamics and kinetics of a chemical reaction, and the chemical reactor must meet the requirements of the chemical reaction. Advanced computer simulations are now available, which provide insights into the reactor design and prediction of reactor performance, reducing reliance on experimental approaches.


Benefits of SUNKAIER Chemical Reactors


SUNKAIER can carry out special design according to specific working conditions. Relying on SUNKAIER's more than 20 years of experience in agitator projects, SUNKAIER can provide reactors with uniform mixing, no dead corners, and better heat exchange effect.


SUNKAIER has a professional mechanical seal team and a number of related patents, which can provide mechanical seal requirements for equipment according to actual working conditions.


SUNKAIER has a building area of 40000 ㎡, with 10000 ㎡ heavy container workshop, 10000 ㎡ special material product workshop, 10000 ㎡ special stainless steel product cleaning workshop, etc. The maximum lifting capacity of the workshop is 200 tons.



How are chemical reactors designed?

Chemical reactors are designed by chemical engineers who use their expertise to select the appropriate type of reactor, vessel size, and dimensions, based on specific chemical reaction requirements, including thermodynamics and kinetics of the reaction.    


What safety measures are in place in chemical plants that use chemical reactors?

Chemical plants that use chemical reactors have extensive safety protocols in place to minimize the risk of accidents or chemical spills. The reactor in chemical plant is made of materials that can withstand high pressures and chemical reactions and is frequently monitored for any signs of deterioration or corrosion.       


What Are the Future Prospects of the Chemical Reactors?

The future of chemical reaction vessels is bright with prospects of making thechemical reactors smaller than the current size. You should expect all the chemical reactors to be about the size of your computer desktop known as microreactors.

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