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Cosmetic Agitator

The cosmetic cream agitator is used to promote the motion of stationary materials and maintain the fluid flow required in the mixing process to achieve the purpose of mixing. The main part of the agitator is the blade, so the blade geometry, size, number and speed have an important influence on the function of the agitator and the final stirring result.


How to Select Cosmetic Cream Agitator

The main according to the nature of the material, stirring purpose and the performance characteristics of a variety of agitators.

1. Type selection according to material viscosity.

  • For low viscosity liquid, should choose small diameter, high speed agitators, such as propulsion type, turbine type;

  • For high viscosity liquids, large diameter, low speed agitators such as anchor, frame and paddle are used.

2. Type selection according to stirring purpose.

  • For the mixing of homogeneous liquid with low viscosity, the circulating flow rate is mainly considered. The circulating flow rate of various agitators is arranged in order from the largest to the smallest: propulsion type, turbine type, paddle type.

  • For the heterogeneous liquid-liquid dispersion process, the shear action is considered first, and a large circulating flow rate is required. The shear action of various stirrers is arranged in order from the largest to the smallest: turbine type, propulsion type, paddle type.

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