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cuso4 plant

CuSO4 Plant

SUNKAIER copper sulfate production process by oxidation leaching technology, neutralization precipitation, evaporation and cooling crystallization combined method, can in a short period of time in the leaching of copper slag of copper ions, but not into the new impurity particles, using the differences of heavy metal ion precipitation pH value with the successful solution of copper ion separation and recycling of evaporation equipment control fluid density and cooling temperature after evaporation, The purified liquid was crystallized by evaporative cooling to obtain high quality copper sulfate pentahydrate.


SUNKAIER CuSO4 Plant Process Design Advanced Features

SUNKAIER technology uses a simple, efficient and low-cost way to successfully convert the copper slag originally discarded in the slag yard into high-quality copper sulfate pentahydrate with higher added value. It has brought good economic and environmental benefits for users.

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