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dtb oslo crystallizer

DTB/OSLO Crystallizer

DTB evaporative crystallizer (guide tube crystallizer) is a kind of high-efficient crystallizing equipment, which is controlled by PLC. Its unique structure and working principle determine that it has high heat transfer efficiency, simple configuration, convenient operation and control, good operating environment and other characteristics.


DTB/OSLO Crystallizer Working Principle

DTB/OSLO crystallizer working principle: Supersaturation of solution, uniform consistency of material temperature, stirring speed and cooling area are the decisive factors affecting grain size and appearance during crystallization. The crystallizer adopts a special agitator, and the temperature and speed of the agitator can be adjusted easily to realize the system self-control, so as to meet the requirements of crystallization of various materials.

SUNKAIER DTB Evaporative Crystallizer Features

  • It is a typical type of internal circulation crystallizer.

  • It has good fluid dynamics effect.

  • A special spiral slurry was developed to realize efficient internal circulation without secondary nucleus.

  • Rarely occurs inner wall scarring.

  • Used in pharmaceutical factories to meet GMP requirements.

  • Uniform crystal supersaturation, good particle size distribution and high efficiency are realized.

  • Low energy consumption.

  • Washing legs can be installed to achieve continuous production operation.

  • It has a high heat exchange surface, which eliminates the need for a heater or cooler.

  • It can be used for cooling crystallization and vacuum evaporation cooling crystallization.

  • Low speed, easy control, strong applicability, reliable operation, few faults.

Typical Applications of SUNKAIER DTB Crystallizer

Potassium Chloride, Iminodiacetonitrile, Ammonium Sulfate, Ammonium Chloride, etc.

DTB/OSLO Crystallizer Gallery

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