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forced circulation crystallizer

Forced Circulation Crystallizer

Circulation of solution in the equipment mainly depends on the forced flow generated by external power. The cycle speed can reach 1.5- 3.5 m/s. The heat transfer efficiency and production capacity are high. The feed liquid is driven from bottom to top by the circulating pump and flows upward along the tube of the heating chamber. After entering the evaporation chamber, the mixture of steam and liquid foam is separated, and the steam is discharged from the upper part, and the fluid is blocked to fall down. It is inhaled by the circulation pump through the conical bottom, and then enters the heating pipe to continue the circulation.


Typical Application of SUNKAIER Forced Circulation Crystallizer

Forced circulation crystallizer is suitable for the evaporation, crystallization and concentration of chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, environmental engineering industry, waste liquid evaporation, crystallization recovery industry and so on with scaling, crystallization, heat sensitivity (low temperature), high concentration, high viscosity and containing insoluble solids.

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