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Heat Transfer Equipment

Heat Transfer Equipment

For more than 20 years, SUNKAIER provided process industries with the design and supply of specialized heat transfer equipment offering proprietary critical equipment based on patented designs that are essential to the proper functioning and performance of the specific processes.

How does SUNKAIER Heat Exchanger Work?

SUNKAIER industrial heat exchangers can be made of various structural materials (mainly metal materials) and can be used under high temperature and high pressure which is most widely used type.

How does SUNKAIER Heat Exchanger Work?

Benefits of SUNKAIER Heat Exchanger


SUNKAIER industrial heat transfer has A2 special equipment manufacturing license and ASME pressure vessel certificate, and can produce pressure vessels of - 0.1~100Mpa.


SUNKAIER's efficient heat exchanger for sale improves the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger and reduces the energy loss in the heat exchange process by strengthening the heat transfer technology on the basis of the traditional heat exchanger.


SUNKAIER heat exchanger wholesale designed for enhanced heat transfer in high viscosity media. China industrial heat exchanger coefficient can reach 100~400 w/㎡ ℃, which is improved 4-5 times than traditional heat exchanger.

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