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high pressure vessel

High Pressure Vessel

SUNKAIER, as one of the professsional high pressure reactor manufacturers, can produce high pressure reactors (-0.1~100Mpa). High pressure vessel with static seal, no leakage, no noise, no pollution, stable running, simple operation, strong and durable, the characteristics of compact structure, and therefore high pressure tank/ vessel can be in high temperature and high pressure, high vacuum, high speed, suspension, convection condition, the reaction medium was in a state of static seal completely, safety of inflammable, explosive, toxic, hydrogen, hydrofluoric acid and other harsh medium efficient response.


Features of High Pressure Vessel

The unique self-lubricating bushing of the high-pressure vessel is resistant to high temperature and pressure, corrosion and friction, avoiding secondary pollution and ensuring the purity of the material. It is suitable for gas/liquid/solid mixing, suspension, convection, large viscosity materials and high-speed stirring reaction. All the sealing parts of the high-pressure vessel are wire sealed, so there is no-leakage problem in the whole equipment. There are two feeding and discharging methods, which shorten the stirring time and strengthen the reaction process. It is the preferred device for developing test products.

In particular, the magnetic seal reactor invented by SUNKAIER has zero leakage, complete static seal and the following advantages, which can better meet the requirements of high-pressure vessels:

  • Zero Leak;

  • 100% Static Seal;

  • Explosive, Toxic, High Pressure Working Conditions Preferred;

  • Adapt To Pressure Changes;

  • Less Maintenance;

  • Zero Downtime;

  • Security.

Features of High Pressure Vessel
The Scope of Application of High-pressure Vessel

The Scope of Application of High-pressure Vessel

  • Petrochemical Industry

  • Dye Mining and Metallurgy

  • Nanomaterials

  • Polymer Reaction

  • Hydrothermal Synthesis

  • Hydrogenation Reaction

  • National Defense Science and Technology

  • Medicine and Food

  • Cigarette Industry

  • Ceramics Industry

  • Polymer Industry

  • Fine Chemical Industry

  • Microbial Engineering

  • High-Tech Products and Other Fields

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