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inline mixer

Inline Mixer

Inline Agitators consist of a series of concentric rings. As the medium enters the center chamber, it is compressed up to 10 Bar at a rate of one-thousandth of a second and "explodes" outward into the next chamber. Series of nozzles break down the medium as it passes from chamber to chamber. These nozzles can be as small as 500 microns(.5mm), and the rotor/stator segments can meet up to 500 million time per second. This micro-cavitation leads to the treatment of the product by the energy transfer.


Features of Inline Mixer

Inline agitators feed and output material in a continuous stream so that the material can be fully hydrated, emulsified, or homogenized, usually in a single pass. They differ from other types of homogenization in that a large number of components are mixed in a separate unit before undergoing the homogenization process. Inline agitators are designed to handle all types of tasks, including emulsification, suspension, dispersion, mixing, etc., and are suitable for applications that require mass production, continuous processing and homogenization during manufacturing. In addition to being faster than high-pressure products, they allow for a more controlled and continuous mixing environment, improve yield, use less energy and increase capacity.

Features of Inline Mixer
Inline Mixer Applications

Inline Mixer Applications

  • Mixing

  • Emulsification Solution

  • Wet Milling

  • Homogenizing

  • Neutralization

  • Catalytic-Reactions

  • Polymerization

  • Treating of Cells by Shearing

  • Chemical Reactions

  • Inline Process of Cooking

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