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light duty agitator sk100

Light Duty Agitator SK100

  • Side entry agitator is installed on the equipment side of the cylinder wall and adopt axial-flow impellor, the operating and side entry agitator costs of side entry agitator is 1/4~1/3 of top entry agitator.

  • Speeds Range: 120~750 R/MIN.

  • Side entry agitators are applied in desulfurization, denitrification and various large storage tank or sump mixing. Two or more side entry agitators can be used in a series of arrangement for large storage tank or sump, providing ideal mixing effect with low energy consumption.


Features Of Light Duty Agitator SK100

  • High load capacity, compact and exclusive design; planetary gear transmission system;

  • Suitable for durable, high speed working condition;

  • Compact and integrated assembly;

  • Sealing options in mechanical seal, packing gland or lip seal;

  • Revolutionary online shutoff device and swift seal replacement process;

  • Built-in grease with resistance high-temperature for easy maintenance.

SUNKAIER Mixing Agitators Applications

  • Desulfurization

  • Denitrification

  • Large Storage Tank

  • Sump Mixing

  • Edible Oil Storage

  • Enthanol Fuel

  • Pharmaceutical

SK100 Online Shutoff Device & Mechanical Seal Replacement Procedures

SK100 Online Shutoff Device & Mechanical Seal Replacement Procedures

  • Remove locking bolts ①;

  • Rotate coupling ② and shaft ③ to marked position and sit in locking position;

  • Remove locking bolts on mechanical seal ⑤;

  • Remove the pedestal ⑥ and replace mechanical seal ④.

Light Duty Agitator SK100 Impeller Options

vertical agitator mixers impeller
mixing agitator impeller
agitator mixers impeller
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