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methanol reactor

Methanol Reactor

Methanol is the most basic organic chemical raw material, with a long industrial chain, involving many industries such as chemical industry, building materials, energy, medicine and pesticide, and playing an important role in the national economy. Methanol is widely used in the traditional chemical industry. It is the upstream raw material of a series of chemical products, such as formaldehyde, dimethyl ether, acetic acid, MTBE, DMF, and methyl chloride. The methanol synthesis reactor plays an important basic role in the chemical industry. Methanol has great potential in the field of emerging alternative energy. Dimethyl ether and methanol fuel (used alone or mixed with gasoline and diesel), which are the products of methanol deep processing, have good alternative and operability of traditional energy.


Advantages for Methanol Reactor

Methanol synthesis is exothermic and restricted by equilibrium. SUNKAIER Methanol Reactor can follow the ideal temperature curve to maximize specific production. In the method of producing methanol by exothermic equilibrium reaction, methanol, water and heat are removed from the methanol synthesis reactor or from the point between two or more methanol synthesis reactors through a solvent that can absorb methanol, water and heat.

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