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Mixing Agitators

Mixing Agitators

SUNKAIER mixing agitators has a wide range of applications, including mixing of miscible liquids, inmiscible liquids, solid and liquid liquids, gas and liquid liquids, and even mixing of high viscosity fluids. SUNKAIER's agitators and mixers cover petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, energy and related industries.

How Does SUNKAIER Mixing Agitators Work

Side-entry agitator is used for mixing and preventing settlement of various liquids, especially in large storage tanks, where a small amount of power can be put into the proper mixing effect, so it is widely used. Especially in the large crude oil tank of more than 10,000 m³, the SUNKAIER side-entry agitator with variable Angle can greatly reduce the accumulation of sludge, thus forming a better flow pattern. As a result, the blender will achieve economic activity and very good operational reliability.

Magnetic seal agitator solves the problem of easy leakage of agitator shaft seal in medium and high-pressure vessels, and is more used for mixing toxic materials, flammable and explosive materials, volatile materials or high-value materials. SUNKAIER industrial mixers and agitators have simple structure and is easy to disassemble and assemble. At the same time, it uses static seal to realize non-contact rotation of internal and external rotors by using magnetic force, so as to minimize vibration and noise and achieve stable and low-noise operation. Besides, the complete seal of power transmission can meet the requirements of zero leakage, and can be used for mixing operations of high-pressure kettles of 30 MPA and above, and has overload protection function to protect transmission parts.

How Does SUNKAIER Mixing Agitators Work

SUNKAIER Industrial Agitator For Sale Benefits


SUNKAIER, as a professional agitator manufacturer, has a professional design and R&D team. With more than 20 years of project experience, it can select the type of agitator and determine the structure of mixing container according to the role of mixing unit operation and the phase of materials, so as to provide customers with accurate services.


SUNKAIER provides agitator mixer design and manufacturing of mixing shaft, shaft seal and transmission device, and has a number of invention patents and utility model patents. SUNKAIER's excellent impeller technology and strength calculation ability can provide reasonable structure and sufficient strength for the mixer.


SUNKAIER fluid technology combined with CFD simulation provides a basis for the design, optimization and amplification of the industrial mixer agitator. The project development cycle and cost have been greatly reduced, and the economic benefits have been improved.

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