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pe wax plant

PE Wax Plant

SUNKAIER uses polymerization technology for modular design of SUNKAIER's proven polymerization technology enables modular design of polyethylene production lines, while providing a crude polyethylene wax refining unit. The device includes a pretreatment system, a deweighting separation system, a dewatering and refining system and a granulation system. The method uses solvent dissolution method, the crude ethylene wax for dissolution separation, and then centrifugal filtration. The solids filtered by centrifugation and purified by dehydration are high quality polyethylene wax products. The liquid filtered by centrifugation is a mixture of light oil and solvent, and the liquid separated by distillation after centrifugation. The light component obtained from the top of the tower is light oil. The recombination of the tower kettle is divided into solvent and recycled.


SUNKAIER Pe Wax Plant Process Design Advanced Features

SUNKAIER realizes the optimal utilization of raw materials, saves resources, reduces energy consumption, promotes sustainable development, improves the quality of polyethylene wax products, and expands the scope of application; The refining method has the characteristics of short process, low energy consumption, less pollution and continuous production, and has great implementation value, social benefits, environmental benefits and economic benefits.

SUNKAIER Pe Wax Plant Process Design Advanced Features
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