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Petrochemical Agitator

Mechanical agitator is suitable for a variety of physical properties (such as viscosity, density) and a variety of operating conditions (temperature, pressure) reaction process, widely used in synthetic materials, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber, medicine, pesticides, fertilizers, dyes, coatings, food, gold treatment, wastewater treatment and other industries. For example, the agitator in the laboratory can be as small as tens of milliliters, and the volume of large industrial reactors such as sewage treatment, wet gold and phosphate fertilizer can reach thousands of cubic meters.

In addition to being used as a chemical and biological reactor, agitator can also be widely used for mixing, dispersion, dissolution, crystallization, extraction, absorption or desorption heat transfer and other operations. The mixing reactor is composed of mixing vessel and agitator. The stirred vessel includes simplified, heat transfer elements and internal components. Agitator, agitator shaft, and its sealing device, transmission device and other systems become agitator.


Features of Petrochemical Agitator

The working principle of the agitator: usually, the agitator is composed of a motor (electric, pneumatic or hydraulic) as the prime mover, and the decelerating body is connected with the agitator container through a support or base plate. When there is pressure inside the container, there should be a sealing device when the stirring shaft passes through the bottom plate into the container, commonly used packing seal or mechanical seal.

Impeller stirring effect show the "pump" and "vortexing" that is, fluid velocity and fluid shear, reflow, the former lead to full container medium translocation, prevent solid precipitation and exchange heat bundle (if any) of scour: shear is a big backflow of micro mixing, can break bubbles or unsolvable droplets, resulting in "uniform".

Stirring equipment in chemical reaction: according to the shape of agitator impeller can be divided into straight blade paddle type, open turbine type, propulsion type, disk turbine type, anchor type, screw belt type, spiral type, etc. According to the different liquid viscosity can be divided into low viscosity liquid stirrer.

Specification of Petrochemical Agitator

Low viscosity liquid stirrer such as: three-blade propulsion type, folding blade paddle type, six straight blade turbine type, super mixed impeller type, etc. Medium and high viscosity liquid agitator, such as anchor type, screw impeller type, double screw impeller type, super mixed agitator and so on.

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