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petrochemical reactor

Petrochemical Reactor

Petrochemical reactor is the key equipment for chemical reaction, and the chemical reaction process is the main process of converting raw materials into target products. Because the reaction process is an extremely complex process, which should not only comply with the laws of chemical thermodynamics and chemical reaction kinetics, but also be restricted by the energy transfer and heat transfer processes. It is particularly pointed out that the interaction between various processes makes the reaction process extremely complex, so the reactor is different from other petrochemical unit equipment (such as tower, cooling equipment, pump, compressor, etc.). The design of reactors should be carried out separately. The equipment manufacturing must fully meet the design requirements to ensure the smooth production.

However, polymerization is more complex in petrochemical production. Because the polymerization reaction often strictly controls the polymerization temperature, requires the reaction materials to be pure and free from pollution, in addition, the high viscosity is easy to scale, requires the heat transfer device to have high heat transfer efficiency, simple structure, avoid rough surfaces that are easy to hang glue and dead corners that cause scaling, and facilitate cleaning.

While processing extremely high viscosity materials, SUNKAIER kneader inputs or removes a lot of heat for the system to maintain the appropriate reaction material temperature for the bulk polymerization of drying and processing high viscosity materials.


Advantages for Petrochemical Reactor

  • Excellent mixing and kneading of paste and high viscosity phase (> 1000Pa · s);

  • Large capacity reactor can effectively handle mass production;

  • Larger heat exchange surface area maximizes productivity;

  • Excellent self-cleaning;

  • Shorten residence time allocation;

  • Highly flexible production capacity;

  • Closed environmental protection design;

  • Strong design, suitable for handling high viscosity materials;

  • The compact design maximizes the space-time output;

  • It is very important to accurately control the temperature of the product in the synthesis process. High surface renewal and evaporative cooling in the kneading reactor maintain good temperature control. Process parameters and product performance were systematically investigated in pilot production units. Then the industrial production system can be customized to meet the exact product requirements.

Typical Applications of Sunkaier Equipment in the Petrochemical Industry

  • It mainly includes all kinds of fuel oil (gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, etc.) and lubricating oil, liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum coke, paraffin, asphalt, etc.

  • Ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene, toluene, xylene as the representative of the basic chemical raw materials.

  • Organic chemical raw materials (about 200 kinds) and synthetic materials (polymer, plastic, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber).

  • Ammonia, urea and other synthetic raw materials

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