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Polymer Agitator

When the material in the polymerization reactor is a homogeneous system, the viscosity of the material increases significantly with the increase of the conversion rate of monomer. Stirring makes the reaction material flow strongly and makes the temperature of each part of the material uniform, so as to avoid local overheating phenomenon. For suspension polymerization, the polymer mixer machine not only has the heat exchange to make the material temperature uniform, but also to keep the reactants always in a dispersed state, so as to avoid the occurrence of agglomerating phenomenon. In the molten polycondensation and solution polycondensation system, stirring can continuously update the liquid level, so that the reaction generated small molecular compounds from the reaction area in time out of the reaction system, an accelerated reaction, so that the relative molecular weight of the polymer increase. The polymer mixing equipment can be seen that stirring plays different roles in homogeneous and heterogeneous systems. The polymer tote mixer plays a role in accelerating heat transfer in homogeneous systems, while it plays a dual role in accelerating heat transfer and mass transfer in homogeneous systems.


Type of Polymer Agitator

Propeller Type: small diameter, high speed, large flow, low indenter. Suitable for stirring fluids with low viscosity.

Screw Belt Type: large radius of rotation, wide range of agitation, low speed, small indenter, suitable for stirring high viscosity liquid. It is especially suitable for stirring the polymerization reactor of synthetic rubber solution with high viscosity and poor fluidity. The liquid moves tangentially and radially in the groove, and the overall flow is complicated. Suitable for stirring medium and low viscosity liquid, especially suitable for insoluble liquid dispersion, gas and solid dissolution, liquid phase reaction and heat transfer and other operations, for easy to stratify the system is not applicable.

Turbine Type: high speed, wide blade, compared with the spiral type, the screw belt type has a smaller flow rate and a higher indenter.

Flat Blade Paddle Type: The blade is longer, the speed is slower, and the indenter is lower. It can be used for stirring liquid with high viscosity.

Anchor Type and Frame Type: larger radius of rotation (only slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the reaction tank), larger agitation range, lower rotation speed, smaller indenter, suitable for stirring liquids with higher viscosity, and also commonly used to prevent deposition of the device wall.

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