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polymer devolatilisation

Polymer Devolatilization

Polymer devolatilization is an important process in the production of polymer materials. It is a separation engineering problem controlled by thermodynamics and mass transfer. Because polymers usually have high viscosity, the heat and mass transfer accompanying the polymer devolatilization operation affect the removal of volatile from the polymer, making the devolatilization process extremely complex. New and efficient devolatilization process and equipment are important methods to strengthen devolatilization process. SUNKAIER kneading devolatilizer has a large effective volume, which increases the residence time of materials, and solvents and residual monomers can be removed more effectively. At the same time, it has the function of self-cleaning. Therefore, better product quality can be achieved while minimizing residual volatiles. Because of its large specific surface area, high renewal, simple operation and high efficiency consumption ratio, it has high practical value. It is very suitable for removing residual volatiles in highly viscous polymer solutions.


Application of Sunkaier Kneading Polymer Devolatilization Technology

  • Polycondensation or Other Bulk Polymerization Reactions: such as PBAT, PLGA, PET, PMMA, Trans Neoprene, PGA, PLA, PCL, Bulk ABS, etc.

  • Solvent Polymerization: All Kinds of Synthetic Rubber, TPE Elastomer, etc.

  • Solvent Removal of Polymer, Synthetic Rubber or Elastomer: such as Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber, POE Elastomer, Various Styrene Butadiene Copolymers, Butyl Rubber, SBS/SEBS, Acrylate, etc.

  • Removal of Residual Monomers: such as PPC Resin, Silicone Rubber, etc.

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