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Polymer Processing Equipment

Polymer Processing Equipment

SUNKAIER polymer technology can provide comprehensive and accurate services in combination with specific polymerization reaction, including Bulk Polymerization, Solution Polymerization, Suspension Polymerization, Suspension Polymerization and Emulsion Polymerization.

How does SUNKAIER Polymer Processing Equipment Work?

SUNKAIER Kneader Reactors are in successful operation in a wide range of industrial-scale process application, such as: bulk polymerization, crystallization, drying, dissolving, main evaporation, devolatilization, etc.

How does SUNKAIER Polymer Processing Equipment Work?

Benefits of SUNKAIER Polymer Processing Equipment


SUNKAIER can carry out special design according to specific working conditions. Relying on SUNKAIER's more than 20 years of experience in agitator projects, SUNKAIER can provide reactors with uniform mixing, no dead corners, and better heat exchange effect.


SUNKAIER has A2 special equipment manufacturing license and ASME pressure vessel certificate, and can produce pressure vessels of - 0.1~100Mpa.


SUNKAIER has a building area of 40000 ㎡, with 10000 ㎡ heavy container workshop, 10000 ㎡ special material product workshop, 10000 ㎡ special stainless steel product cleaning workshop, etc. The maximum lifting capacity of the workshop is 200 tons.


SUNKAIER has a professional mechanical seal team and a number of related patents, which can provide mechanical seal requirements for equipment according to actual working conditions.


SUNKAIER Kneading devolatilization technology has a large volume, which increase the residence time of materials, and solvents and residual monomers can be removed more effectively, and has the function of self-cleaning.


SUNKAIER has experimental center can confirm the industrial maturity of new products and processes, help customers complete feasibility studies and save costs and time in the early stages of R&D.

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