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side entry agitator sk800

Side-Entry Agitator SK800

Side-entry tank agitator with the application earliest and most mature technology:

  • Equipped with online shutoff device, seal replacement is no need tank discharge.

  • Special mechanical seal designed applicable for side entry mixing.

  • Light overall weight, low investment cost.

Mechanical seal equipped with flushing device impeller equipped with fall-off preventing device. SK800C Extended Side Entry Agitator Motor base with adjustable flange belt driven device cone-shaped support front mechanicals protect motor more strength prolong service life. SK800S Swivel Side Entry Agitator Belt speed reducer Bearing device Rotary device.


Side-Entry Agitator SK800 Applications

  • Mixing Water Tank

  • Clean and Slightly Contaminated Liquid

  • Viscous Liquid

  • Fiber Slurry

  • Non-Fiber Pulp

  • Large Solid with Liquid

  • High Gas content with Liquid

Side-Entry Agitator SK800 Applications

Side-Entry Agitator SK800 Gallery

side entry agitator design
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