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static mixer

Static Mixer

SUNKAIER, as a professional static mixer manufacturer, static agitator is a kind of efficient mixing equipment without moving parts. The mixer static basic working mechanism is to use the mixing unit fixed in the tube to change the flow state of the fluid in the tube, so as to achieve the purpose of good dispersion and full mixing between different fluids.


Features of Static Mixer

  • Continuous process, mixing process is not interrupted;

  • Shear force is very small does not destroy the mixture, such as: flocculation;

  • The mixing effect can be calculated and controlled (COV deviation). The maximum COV range is 5% according to customer requirements. The concentration of fluid in the whole section is continuous and balanced, so the measured value is highly representative and can be effectively controlled by the device.

  • Mixing distance and installation space is very small, and the static agitator itself is a part of the pipeline, can be regarded as a special pipeline, to avoid the defects of the traditional stirring tank;

  • High mass transfer efficiency, very low pressure-drop and energy consumption;

  • No moving parts, no wear, almost no maintenance costs;

  • Will not be blocked, installation method and material can be any shape, any size and any material;

  • Mandatory mixing of the whole process logistics can greatly reduce the volume of the tank, and the static agitator can even not use the tank.

Features of Static Mixer
Static Mixer Applications

Static Mixer Applications

Static agitators are not only used in mixing processes, but also in processes related to mixing-transfer, including gas/gas mixing, liquid/liquid extraction, gas/liquid reaction, heat transfer enhancement and liquid/liquid reaction. Static agitator is widely used in plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and metallurgy, food, daily chemical, pesticide, cable, petroleum, paper, chemical fiber, biological, environmental protection and other industries.

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