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top entry agitator

Top Entry Agitator

Light-Duty, Mid-Duty, and Heavy-Duty Agitators are available in top-in form. The following light as an example to introduce.

  • These series top entry agitators are mainly used for volume 0.1~20 m3 small mixing tank and material storage drums.

  • These series agitators are used to the tank bottom cleaning, mixing for the suspension, dissolution, mixture of small volume of material, etc.

  • SK090 agitators are used in mixing occasion often required moving with limited space at the top of the tank.

  • SK090 agitators are usually mounted on a flange at the top of the tank, and can also be installed in the side flange of the tank.


Features of Top Entry Agitator

  • Planetary gear, light weight, compact size, high load capacity;

  • Added lubricating grease for prolong the service life;

  • Equipped bearing inside are suitable for high-speed operation;

  • Varies seals optional: mechanical seal, packing, lip seal;

  • Modular design, cost-effective, highlighting the economic benefits.

Features of Top Entry Agitator
Top Entry Agitator Modular Design Concept

Top Entry Agitator Modular Design Concept

  • Light-weight aluminum, steel or stainless-steel structure;

  • Motor, 0.37 to 2.2 KW (1/2-3 HP);

  • Offers a full range of shaft speed 10~3000 RPM;

  • Dust and moisture-resistant (IP55/IP65) of the variable-frequency motor;

  • Simple, compact design;

  • Alternative food-grade lubricants;

  • Standardized products;

  • Shaft length be up to 2100mm;

  • Cost-effective;

  • Equipped with high performance mixing impeller

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top entry agitator
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