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vertical reactor

Vertical Reactor

SUNKAIER has a variety of vertical reactor, especially the magnetic seal reactor with invention patent. Magnetic static sealing structure is used in the reaction kettle mixer adopts magnetic coupling connection between motor drive, because of its transmission torque, no contact with static seal instead of dynamic seal, mechanical seals and packing seal can completely solve before can't solve the problem of the leakage, make whole medium mixing components are working in a state of absolute seal completely.

In particular, the magnetic seal reactor invented by SUNKAIER has zero leakage, complete static seal and the following advantages, which can better meet the requirements of high-pressure vessels:

  • Zero Leak

  • 100% Static Seal

  • Explosive, Toxic, High Pressure Working Conditions Preferred

  • Adapt To Pressure Changes

  • Less Maintenance

  • Zero Downtime

  • Security


Typical Applications of the Sunkaier Magnetic Seal Reactor Are As Follows

  • Suitable for petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, metallurgy, building materials and other scientific research departments, is the ideal equipment for high temperature, high pressure reaction.

  • Suitable for all kinds of inflammable, explosive, highly toxic, valuable media and other highly permeable chemical media reaction, is organic synthesis, polymer material polymerization, food and other processes for sulfurization, fluoridation, hydrogenation, oxidation and other reactions the most ideal leak-free reaction equipment.

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