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wiped film evaporator

Wiped Film Evaporator

Wiped Film evaporator is a new type of high efficiency evaporator, which is forced to form film by rotating film scraper, and has high speed flow, high heat transfer efficiency and short residence time (about 10~50 seconds), and can perform falling film evaporation under vacuum conditions. It is composed of one or more cylinder body with jacket heating and a rotating film scraper inside the cylinder. The film scraper continuously scrapes the feed on the heating surface into a thick and thin uniform liquid film and moves downward. In this process, the low boiling point components are evaporated and the residue is expelled from the bottom of the evaporator.


Wiped Film Evaporator Working Principle

Material enters the evaporator radially from above the heating zone. It is distributed to the evaporator wall surface by the distributor, and then the rotating film scraper continuously and uniformly scrapes the material onto the heating surface into a thick and thin uniform liquid film, which is then pushed downward spirally. In this process, the rotating film scraper ensures that the continuous and uniform liquid film produces high speed turbulence, and prevents the liquid film from coking and scaling on the heating surface, so as to improve the total transfer coefficient. The light components are vaporized to form a steam flow to rise and reach the external condenser directly connected with the evaporator through the vapor-liquid separator. The recombination is discharged from the cone at the bottom of the evaporator.

Advantages of SUNKAIER Wiped Film Evaporator

1. Small Vacuum Pressure Drop:

There is a certain pressure difference when the material vaporization gas is sent from the heating surface to the external condenser. In general evaporator, this pressure drop (Δp) is usually relatively high, sometimes even unacceptably high. The pressure in the evaporator can be regarded as almost equal to the pressure in the condenser. Therefore, the pressure drop is very small, and the vacuum degree can reach 5mmHg.

2. Low Operating Temperature:

Because of the above characteristics, the evaporation process can be kept under high vacuum conditions. With the increase of vacuum degree, the boiling point of the material decreases rapidly, so the operation can be carried out at a lower temperature and the thermal decomposition of the product is reduced.

3. Short Heating Time:

Due to the unique structure of the scraper film evaporator, the scraper has a pumping effect, so that the residence time of the material in the evaporator is very short. In addition, the product will not be trapped on the surface of the evaporator due to the high-speed turbulence of the film on the heated evaporator. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the evaporation of heat-sensitive materials.

4. High Evaporation Intensity:

The decrease of the boiling point of the material increases the temperature difference of the same heat medium. The function of film scraper reduces the thickness of liquid film in turbulent state and reduces the thermal resistance. At the same time, in this process, the material in the heating surface wall formation, scaling, and accompanied by good heat exchange, therefore, improve the total heat transfer coefficient of scraper film evaporator.

5. Large Operation Flexibility:

It is because of the unique performance of scraper film evaporator, so that it is suitable for dealing with heat sensitivity and requirements of smooth evaporation, high viscosity and viscosity with the concentration increase of the material, the evaporation process can also be smooth evaporation. It can also be successfully applied to the evaporation and distillation of materials containing solid particles, crystallization, polymerization, scaling and so on.

Application of Wiped Film Evaporator

  • Chinese and Western medicine: antibiotics, sugar solution, tripterygium, Astragalus and other Chinese herbs, methyl imidazole, mononitrile amine intermediates.

  • Light industrial food: fruit juice, gravy, pigment, essence, flavor, enzyme preparation, lactic acid, xylose, starch sugar, potassium sorbate.

  • Daily oils and fats: ovophosphoester, VE, cod liver oil, oleic acid, glycerol, fatty acid, waste lubricating oil, alkyl polyglycosides, alcohol ether sulfate, etc.

  • Synthetic resins: polyamide resin, epoxy resin, paraformaldehyde, PPS (polypropylene sebacate ester), PBT, acrylate formate.

  • Synthetic fiber: PTA, DMT, carbon fiber, poly, polyether polyol, etc.

  • Petroleum chemistry: TDI, MDI, * hydroquinone, trimethylpropane, sodium hydroxide, etc.

  • Pesticide organisms: acetochlor, proachlor, chlorpyrifos, furanol, chloramidine, and other herbicides, insecticides, herbicides, herbicides, mites.

  • Wastewater: inorganic salt wastewater, etc.

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