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Reactive Kneader Technology

Reactive Kneader Technology

Rely on the excellent plant engineering competence of SUNKAIER in high viscosity polymerprocessing:

  • Optimize your production and sharpen your competitive edge by complete system solutions, turnkey production lines and customized services.

  • Base your planning on high viscosity material processing concepts that:

    (1) Easily provide the uncompromising flexibility required forstate-of-the-art production of the most varied products;

    (2) Ensure high availability throughout the entire service life;

    (3) Convince by their unparalleled productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Operating Principle of Co-rotating Twin-screw Extruders

Operating principle of co-rotating twin-screwextruders Co-rotating twin-screw extruders providehelical material transport and continuous materialtransfer between the screws within the figure 8 shapedbarrel bore. Closely intermeshing screw elementsalong the entire processing section ensure excellentself-wiping characteristics.In conjunction with the shear energy input, this operating principle guaranteesoptimum compounding results in terms of dispersionand distribution.

Operating Principle of Co-rotating Twin-screw Extruders

  • Excellent Kneading And Dispersion

    Capability Despite Short L/d Compression and elongation action accompanying rotation of paddle and shearing action with narrow clearance provide improvement kneading and dispersion effect.

  • Excellent Self-wiping Performance

    The co-rotating shafts and close clearances between paddles and between the paddles and barrel walls provide efficient uniform mixing. This prevents material build up inside the barrel and results in a self-wiping action.

  • Unlimited Arrangement Of Paddles

    The paddles can be changed individually. Therefore the optimum paddle arrangement pattern can be selected according to the application and purpose. These selections of paddle arrangement enable the Kneader to control residence time and axial pressure distribution of the materials.

  • Easy Maintenance And Cleaning

    The barrel which is horizontally split as standard design is easy to open for disassembling and cleaning in short time compared with Extruder.

Process Implementation With Utmost Precision The Most Precise Way To Run Your Process.

Process Implementation With Utmost Precision The Most Precise Way

The screw elements are configured as per the process requirement, but still keep th modular principle that the elements are interchangeable to the configuration.

The screw elements are configured as per the process requirement

Screw Elements Configuration Freely

Screw Elements Configuration Freely

Screw element varieties for each extruder size.

The screw element range:

  • Conveying elements with different lengths and pitches, multi-start, self-wiping, laterally sealing or with pushing flight profile with increased free screw volume.

  • Mixing elements in different lengths.

  • Kneading elements in different lengths, offsets and pitch angles.

  • Barrier elements in the form of blister discs and back-pumping elements.

SK3000 screw elements are designed in strict accordance with the building block principle. Different surface treatments and the various element varieties allow the screw configuration to be matched exactly to your process.

screw elements

Typical Screw Configuration

Typical Screw Configuration

Typically Compounding Screw Setup

Typically Compounding Screw Setup

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