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Reactor For Chemical Reaction

In chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other related industries, processing and handling some high viscosity materials or material consistency changes in the process of processing is often encountered problems. This problem involves many unit operations such as chemical reactions, evaporation, drying and mixing. In order to meet the requirements of process to the equipment, SUNKAIER has developed and designed a special mixing/ kneading technology to ensure the equipment can have the optimal heat, mass transfer, mixing and mechanical properties for high viscosity materials.  With the continuous development of new products and processes, the technology of SUNKAIER has developed rapidly.

SUNKAIER reactor equipment division delivers full line to service different industries including:

Chemical Reactors 
Industrial ReactorsIsothermal Reactor
Hydrogenation ReactorHorizontal Reactors 
ASME Pressure Vessel Vertical Reactor
High Pressure VesselPharma Reactor
Hydrogen CrackingOil Refinery Reactor
Methanol ReactorPetrochemical Reactor

Chemical Reactor