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Addressing rising demand for bottom-of-the-barrel upgrading and the ever tighten specification for fuels, high performance refining catalysts and additives for fluid catalytic cracking, deep catalytic cracking, and isomerization process are in need to create maximum value from the process

With broad portfolio of FCC, RFCC, and DCC catalysts and additives, SCAT offers unique catalytic solutions to crack feedstocks from lightest to the heaviest into higher-value products such as transportation fuels and petrochemical feedstocks. Our catalysts and additives are suitable to maximize yields of value-added products and improve their quality.

SCAT isomerization catalyst technologies mainly focus on the isomerization of the C4 to C6 paraffin in naphtha product to improve the gasoline quality significantly.

SCAT’s customer specified cracking catalyst has been widely used in all kinds of FCC RFCC and DCC units in China and international refineries in US, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and etc. in order to help customers achieve the best economic benefits for our customers.

Our Refining Catalyst products including:

MGO-FCC catalyst maximum gasoline yield with higher octane number

UHR-FCC catalyst intake more ultra-heavy residue and creates significant value for you

SNP-A step forward to decrease SO2, NOX and PM2.5 emission of FCCU

MPX-ZSM-5 additive for FCCU require more propylene yield

HMR-Best FCC Catalysts for heavy metal resistance application in residue cracking

ELO-FCC catalyst enhance light olefins production

DSX-Additive reducing SOX from FCC flue gas

DNX-Additive reducing NOX from FCC flue gas and promote CO combustion

DCB-FCC catalyst deeper cracking bottoms and deliver more LCO

COP-New series CO combustion promoter