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Vacuum Drying Technology

Vacuum drying equipment is a drying equipment that uses negative pressure (vacuum) to reduce the boiling point of water or solvent in materials, and provides sufficient heat through conduction heat transfer to evaporate excess solvent in materials. Compared with atmospheric drying, vacuum drying can avoid the oxidation of dried materials, recover organic solvents, and achieve "energy-saving drying", so it is widely used in food, chemical, petrochemical, dye and other industries. Compared with other indirect drying equipment, SUNKAIER vacuum disc dryer has the advantages of processing high viscosity materials, large heat transfer area, good mixing effect and better promotion of moisture evaporation and removal. It is a newly developed improved indirect heating dryer. 

SUNKAIER vacuum disc dryer mainly presents the following advantages:

  • The heat transfer is disc, which has better heat transfer performance, larger processing capacity of a single equipment and less operation cost.

  • The rotor in the dryer is submerged in the material, and the heat transfer area is fully utilized.

  • From the stator to the rotating disc are equipped with scrapers, which can adjust the residence time of materials in the dryer.

  • The closed operation of the drying project is suitable for the harmful and peculiar smell of wet gas.

  • It has a wide range of materials, and can handle high viscosity and paste materials. It can be operated continuously or intermittently.

  • With simple structure and self-cleaning function, it can prevent materials from sticking to the wall, so as to reduce the occurrence of equipment failures and maintenance costs.