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Working Principle And Application Of Kneader

1. Working principle of kneader

The kneader is composed of a pair of mutually matched and rotated Σ The strong shearing action produced by the blade makes the semi dry or rubber like viscous plastic material react quickly to obtain uniform mixing.

The kneader is mainly composed of five parts: kneading part, base part, hydraulic system, transmission system and electric control system. The hydraulic system uses a hydraulic station to operate the large oil cylinder to complete the opening and closing function. The hydraulic system uses a hydraulic station to operate the oil cylinder to complete the cylinder turnover, cover opening and other functions. The detailed parameters can be selected and required by the user at will, which is convenient and reliable. The transmission system is composed of motor, reducer and gear, and the motor is matched according to the model of kneader.

The drive part of kneader is driven by the output device after the synchronous speed of the motor is transmitted to the reducer through the elastic coupling, so that it can reach the specified speed. The speed can also be adjusted by the frequency converter.

The kneader has two Σ The speed of the two blades is different. Different speeds can be set according to different processes. The speed is 42/28 rpm.

The kneader can be designed into heating and non heating forms according to the needs. The heat exchange methods usually include: electric heating, steam heating, circulating hot oil heating, circulating water cooling, etc.

The discharging modes of kneader include hydraulic cylinder tilting, ball valve discharging, screw extrusion, etc. The cylinder block and the contact part between the blade and the material are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure the product quality.

2. Features of kneader

  • The kneader generally adopts a through chassis for easy installation.

  • Helical gear or hardened gear reducer is adopted to ensure stable transmission with the main engine, low noise and long service life.

  • The mixing paddle and the inner wall of the mixing tank are made of SUS304 stainless steel or SUS316L stainless steel to ensure the purity of the products.

  • The shaft seal has advanced structure and good sealing effect* The balance structure of the vacuum box is designed to ensure that no black material will be grinded out.

  • Integrated electrical control (main engine operation, hydraulic cylinder turnover, hydraulic cover opening and thermostatic control), temperature control and temperature display, convenient for operation and process control.

3. Application of kneader

The kneader reactor is widely used in mixing, kneading, crushing, stirring, vulcanizing and re polymerization of high viscosity and high elastoplastic materials. The kneader has the advantages of uniform mixing and high kneading efficiency.

The kneader has a wide range of functions, varieties and applications. It is especially suitable for chewing gum, bubble gum, toothpaste, plastics, rubber, silicone rubber, dyes, pigments, inks, food based adhesives, architectural coatings, carbon, fiber, high viscosity sealant, neutral glass glue, aluminum silver paste, silica gel, pulp, cellulose, battery paste, dyes, silicone resin, cosmetics and other industries.